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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Avotus Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a comprehensive expense management solution that focuses on your telecom spend. It provides a complete and transparent view of your telecom network, assets, and spend patterns from macro to micro level.

The TEM platform allows for flexibility in managing your telecom data. The modules - Inventory, Purchasing, Invoicing, and Analytics – are self-contained yet interactive, allowing users to utilize a single module to solve a specific business problem, or to utilize the fully integrated set, which will provide the most benefit, value, and best overall experience.

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  1. Inventory
    Avotus Telecom Expense Management Inventory is an integrated inventory management module that captures, consolidates, and manages corporate network assets. It allows organizations to define network services and elements based on what is relevant to the business unit for tracking, management, and other related functions It helps create and maintain an accurate and current cross-vendor inventory. Validates invoices against an inventory to ensure that the customer pays only for the assets actually owned by them.
  2. Purchasing
    An integrated purchasing module helps in sourcing using easily accessible electronic order templates and automated approval workflow. Purchasing and approval processes are customized to meet the needs of the vendor and the customer enterprises. The inbuilt business rule eliminates the risk of omission of information while placing an order, rules out the error or incomplete order placement, and updates the inventory.
  3. Invoicing
    This module integrates activities involved with invoice processing, credit/dispute management, and chargeback. It ensures accurate billing information- charges, inventory, cost allocations, and contract compliance with the inbuilt filters.
  4. Analytics
    • Standard reports ranging from basic to stewardship reports
    • Flexible reporting engine allowing for customization to meet your reporting requirements
    • Analyzes expenses, payments, inventory, etc. at a detailed level

Audit Service

Billings errors are something very common on telecom invoices, both wireless & wireline. According to Gartner, 85% of the telecom invoices have billing errors. We at Avotus understand that it’s easy to decipher telecom invoice and compare it with the contact. As a result, third party charges, incorrect billing, charging disconnected service, and many more are charged on the invoice and overlook in a rush to pay the invoice. Avotus not only helps to identify these errors but works with the vendor to disputes and bring it to closure. Detailed report with the audit finding with closure proof is provided to ensure complete satisfaction.

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