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Telecom Expense Management
Avotus Intelligent Communications Management - Expense Management (ICM EM) is a comprehensive expense management solution that focuses on your telecom spend. ICM EM provides a complete and transparent view into your telecom network, assets and spend patterns. 

The ICM EM platform allows for flexibility in managing your telecom data. The ICM EM modules - Inventory, Purchasing, Invoicing and Analytics – are self-contained yet interactive, allowing users to utilize a single module to solve a specific business problem or to utilize the fully integrated set, which will provide the most benefit, value and best overall experience. 

Avotus assists you in designing the right solution to best meet your company’s needs from a specific network requirement to a fully managed ICM EM engagement.

The ICM Expense Management Portal

  • ICM EM is Avotus’ customized portal to all Expense Management activities.
  • The portal is configured with sections that support the various roles and responsibilities of individual users.
  • Users can get quick snapshots of their activities in progress to track and identify important items that require immediate attention.
  • Direct links are provided in ICM EM to access messages, alerts, orders, invoices and approvals.
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