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Intelligent Communications Management - Expense Management (ICM EM)

Avotus’  ICM EM Analytics is an integrated business intelligence and reporting module that helps enterprises realize the business value of the information generated within ICM Expense Management.
  • ICM EM Analytics Reporting provides end users with the information they need, when they need it
  • Analytics is the destination within EM where customers turn for all of their reporting and analysis needs
  • Once a report is created, users can download it for analysis or forward it to the web, portals, printers, email and applications. Avotus provides a platform for the delivery of secure and highly scalable information to handle large numbers of end users around the world
  • Trending, forecasting, and drill-down capabilities based on real operational data make ICM EM Analytics a valuable support platform for communications, spend management, process improvement, and decision making
The ICM EM Analytics module provides a comprehensive reporting and analysis environment.

The Analytics module provides a wide range of standard reports to gain insight into the telecom expense management in organizations. These reports allow you to use the telecom data collected by EM and to interactively extract relevant analysis data.

ICM EM Analytics
  • ICM EM Analytics provides a powerful flexible and open environment for report creation. Users can connect to any data in EM and build formatted reports using intuitive design tools. Once a report is created, users can publish the report to the web, portals, emails and other applications
  • By utilizing your operational data, ICM Expense Management becomes a valuable tool for communications, spend management, process improvement and decision making
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