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Communication systems are critical assets to most organizations. Knowing how that communication system is being used is vital for maintaining security, compliance with IT or HR usage policies, and cost control.  Avoid the risks of internal misuse, external fraud, or be able to respond to litigation if required.

Smart telecom administrators and analysts have traditionally trusted call accounting software to capture call detail records (CDR) and gain oversight through reports, but with the emergence of technologies such as Voice-Over-IP (VOIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) clients, and increased use of mobile devices, clearly more modern report tools are needed.

For over 30 years Avotus has provided CDR systems and Call Accounting solutions to the market as MDR, Switchview, and MDR-Switchview.  Available as both on premise or cloud based, Avotus offers continued voice reporting for legacy PBX systems within a single modular platform which can include more modern systems and wireless capture and reporting as well.  Report "land line" or desktop phone usage today and transition into newer technologies when your organization is ready.

Security & Compliance Reporting

  • Identify non-compliance with IT or HR policies, analyze usage across legacy PBX, VoIP & mobility
  • Emergency and threat call response - know when actual or misdialed 911 calls occur
  • Comply with State, Provincial, Municipal or local data retention policies
  • Assist legal investigations &  respond to litigation
  • Help isolate harassment call activity
  • Identify suspicious calls

Traditional call accounting (CDR reports)
Confirm actual business usage, avoid fraud, and save money by reducing unnecessary spend

  • Generate traditional CDR or call activity reports
  • Allocate telecom usage and cost information to the business accurately, across departments
  • Provide detailed and summary reporting across multiple sites
  • A single solution to provide reporting on multiple PBX platforms
  • Individual usage reports by user or by extension 
  • Automatically distribute reports in multiple formats such as PDF, Word, Excel

Other Usage data & Statistics

  • Incorporate Avotus Wireless Management module to manage your organization’s wireless data costs
  • Asset Management module for asset tracking and inventory
  • Ability to track work orders with Order Management
  • Review traffic statistics for usage, trend data, and call quality
  • Provides visibility into the total time spent by employees across various wireless or wireline devices
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