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Avotus Advanced Services

Avotus Advanced Audit/Site Survey

Captures Avaya CS1000/Nortel Data and Current End User Experience – Usage Analysis.  CDR and Meta Data is captured to provide insight and assist in decision making and end user requirements i.e. – softphone vs. hard phone. Provides insight into the current end user experience and current usage analysis. The analysis of the data collected illustrates the level of station set usage by the end users.

An inventory report that details all of the system’s major hardware and software components. A complete listing of installed patches, as well as a list of the manufacturer’s support rating (including “End of Life” equipment). The report also allows for effective asset management by detailing spare as well as used and total resources available. Also included is the identification of any potentially service affecting issues.

Source Book

A complete “as built” report detailing how the system’s software is programmed. It includes a graphical representation of each telephone as well as commonly needed but often difficult to obtain information such as calling privileges, call routing and more. The Source Book is an excellent tool for the day to day management and administration of communication systems. This report also includes identifying “Service Affecting Items” and recommended “Clean Up Actions”.

Security Audits

The increasing importance of communications security is met through the Avotus Advanced Security Audit. Over 83 computerized analyses are performed listing the description, security concern and findings. Often times these reports will satisfy an organization’s governance and compliance reporting requirements.

Advanced Capacity Performance Audit (Traffic Studies)

Consists of analysis and suggestions that address the dynamic aspects of a communications system.  Traffic Study addresses system resources, networks, trunks, processors and even operator consoles.  Scientifically measures bandwidth requirements when migrating from TDM to SIP trunking.  Excess trunking and blockages identified.  Recommendations are made to reduce costs and improve service.  Bandwidth Calculation Tool available.

Session Manager

This report details how Session Manager’s SIP Network Routing Policy is programmed.  Providing a high level overview of your SIP network and components within it, as well as an understandable explanation of how individual calls are routed.

Telecom MACD Portfolio

Through its strong partnership with Unimax, Avotus provides a UC Management Software Suite with tools for provisioning, employee self service moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACDs), help desk agent MACDs, automation (i.e. automated provisioning/de-provisioning), phone number and DID management, system migrations (between Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya/Nortel, etc.), unified MACD administration and more for single and multi-vendor communication environments.

  • Self service MACDs
  • Help desk agent MACDs
  • Provisioning
  • Automation
  • Phone number management
  • Migration
  • Administration

These tools include the following UC management products:

2nd Nature

2nd Nature enables organizations and managed service providers to unify the provisioning and management of their various UC, PBX, voice messaging and other critical business systems by providing a single, centralized management and administration interface.


LineOne is a configurable, web-based self service portal designed for employees to change their own voicemail passwords, phone PINs, speed dials, zero out extensions, call forwarding numbers, simultaneous ring settings, phone labels, voicemail notification preferences (e.g. via phone, email, text, etc.), find me settings, and many others. Changes are immediate. No waiting. No support calls. No work tickets.


HelpOne is a configurable, web-based application which enables tier one help desk agents to immediately change an employee’s voicemail password, phone PIN, speed dials, zero out extensions, call forwarding numbers, simultaneous ring settings, phone labels, voicemail notification preferences (e.g. via phone, email, text, etc.), find me settings, and many others without the assistance of overburdened voice engineers. Changes are immediate. No waiting. No work tickets. No hassle.


NumberPro greatly simplifies the complex task of identifying, organizing, and reporting on phone numbers (such as DIDs, directory numbers, extensions and toll-free numbers) and voice mailbox numbers to determine if they are used, available, reserved or in the process of aging, regardless of the vendor platform, number of systems, system types or number formats.


Spotlight is a powerful, web-based telecom dashboard that presents interactive charts, graphs, and reports from UC, PBX, voice messaging and directory systems across both single and multi-vendor telecom environments. Spotlight provides the ability to view administrative data that is unified from different UC, PBX, voice messaging, and directory system types on a single screen.


Avotus Advanced Services
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