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Avotus Advanced Services

Avotus Advanced Services collects, summarizes and presents an organization's communication systems' data in a format that is easy to understand, accurate, fact-based information.

Broadly divided into three main categories, Avotus Advanced Services provides solutions for both service providers and end clients alike. 

Inventory and Audit related solutions

Inventory and Audit related solutions is essential for renewing contracted services, planning telecom migrations or navigating large scale upgrades.  Regardless of which side of the RFP process you are on, any proposal for new or renewed services needs accurate information.  Knowing where your fixed or mobile assets are and to whom they belong is vital to decision making and allocating costs.  For many platforms, Avotus can go beyond station set detail and phone system hardware and provide key information on software or hardware that is nearing end of life.  

Avotus has services available in single instance or ongoing capacity to help an organization with optimization, migration, and adoption of UC features.   Explore: Avotus Advanced Audits / Site Survey, Source Book or Security Audits

Analytics solutions

Concerned about spending too much on SIP or TDM trunking?  

Looking for metrics to help “right size” service levels?

Avotus Analytics solutions allow you to dig deeper into how telecom services are performing and provide insight into provisioning or engineering decisions.  From traffic studies of variable length, to one-time or ongoing audits, Avotus can assist.

Investigate: Avotus Capacity Audit, Traffic Studies, and Session Manager (for Avaya)

Phone Management Solutions

Facing many phone system changes, either ongoing as day-to-day activity or in an upcoming planned migration or upgrade? 

Avotus has software tools to automate scheduled system changes, back-up all your telephone sets for peace of mind, or allow you to conduct MACD without paying carrier or vendor pricing for each change service.

Explore: Telecom MACD Portfolio

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