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Game Changing Platform that Unifies Telecom & Mobile Expense Management with Cloud & IT Asset Management utilizing automated ITAM Robot

The Avotus ITAM Robot builds and connects your Telecom and IT infrastructure. Once the inventory discovery is completed, the ITAM Robot sends the data to the Avotus Cloud Services platform. Online Analytical Processes (Big Data), are utilized to create a true Configuration Management Database (CMDB) of all your IT and Telecom assets (fixed and mobile). The CMDB is fully integrated with Avotus’ Elite Expense Management Services providing you with unparalleled visibility and control of its inventory and associated expenses. The Avotus ITAM Robot takes TEM/WEM from Telecom Expense Management to the next level of Technology Expense Management.

Continuous Updating of Inventory

After the ITAM Robot has been deployed, it continues to monitor and update your asset inventory on a real-time basis. The platform will provide you with continuous savings by improving business processes around invoices, contracts, provisioning and cost allocations for all services connected to your physical network.

The Avotus ITAM Robot is a Game Changing Technology that Automates Manual TEM/WEM Processes
  • IT Asset Management meets Telecom Expense Management - A patented technology that monitors inventory data on a continuous real-time basis. Provides total visibility into network assets and ties that information to invoices, contracts, and MACD activity.
  • Geolocation Mapping – Utilizing Google Maps geolocation API, all locations using communication services will be mapped. Creates a Configurable Master Data Base (CMDB) providing total visibility of all carrier data and associated physical network devices at each location.
  • Automated Discovery and Inventory Management - Will auto-discover routers and PBX’s scan the devices for their configurations and create associations between locations, bandwidth, circuits and their terminating devices.
  • Clean, Accurate Inventory – Continuous monitoring of network inventory ensuring that the inventory is always CLEAN and ACCURATE. Identifying deactivated circuits and monitoring bandwidth utilization against contracted carrier KPI’s. HR LDAP data can be incorporated to identify and verify users in each location.
  • Automated Integration with Vendor Portals - Through a patented parsing technology, Avotus will automatically obtain billing information from vendor portals, and process PDF invoices in multiple languages without any need for manual intervention. This patented technology reduces common errors associated with manual data input.
  • Customized Automated Provisioning Processes – Customized workflow processes will automate the provisioning and MACD activities. Customized workflow processes will feed updated information to CMDB improving access to information and streamlining order desk activities.
  • Detailed Chargeback Capabilities – Collects Call Detail Records from VOIP\PBX platforms and compares that detail to invoiced charges.
  • Wireless Expense Management – Through the creation of individual expense reports utilizing single sign-in for all your end users.

An Enhanced EM Experience
  • Guarantee that the information downloaded is correct and up to date
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Improve information quality avoiding the high error margin resulting from the manual execution of data collection processes
  • Reduce high costs related to detailed information gathering and analysis
  • Transform and process millions of records coming from multiple sources in clear reports, avoiding sample analysis
  • Guarantee monitored device configuration are set according to corporate policies, triggering validation workflows to confirm or rollback detected changes
  • Ensure near 100% accurate extended CMDB (inventories)
  • Reduce user service provision and delivery times
IT asset management (ITAM) entails collecting inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the IT asset throughout its life cycle. ITAM depends on robust processes, with tools to automate manual processes. Capturing and integrating autodiscovery/inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository for all IT assets enables the functions to effectively manage vendors and a software and hardware asset portfolio from requisition through retirement, thus monitoring the asset’s performance throughout its life cycle.
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