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MCLM includes the following solutions:
  • Mobile Device Provisioning and Support — Avotus helps you offload all of the problems involved with invoice collection, verification, and dispute resolution, while retaining access to all of the information you need to manage the financial aspects of your wireless expenses using our detailed reporting engine and experienced helpdesk support.

  • Wireless Expense Management — The market-leading web-based Wireless Expense Management solution from Avotus is a complete and integrated solution that enables enterprises to manage their wireless expenses. With our global capabilities, we create a comprehensive inventory using automation to detect anomalies in invoices and deliver dramatic cost savings to voice, data wireline and wireless services.

  • Rate Plan Optimization — Optimizing wireless rate plans, features, data usage, provisioning options and usage-sensitive optional services is a multi-dimensional dynamic that requires industry expertise. Avotus brings together three key competencies that, in combination, delivers the best results.

  • Wireless Helpdesk — Avotus also provides a Mobile Support Center that will respond to user requests, manage the procurement and provisioning process and track assets. To ensure your users get the highest level of support, our experienced staff has access to detailed information about user-specific issues, equipment and usage.


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