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The IOT world  has emerged with a number of hidden costs, from sensor to gateway, to carriage to 4G. Kalinda IT based out of Sydney, Australia, is focused on ensuring the full visibility of costs, asset management and analysis of services and sensor data is available to drive deep learning and  a comprehensive understanding  of all devices and services through this network.

Kalinda IT and Avotus Corporation

As the world becomes more connected and businesses embrace connections and interconnections between devices and people it opens the door to many opportunities and also many challenges. Businesses need to figure out a way to store, track, analyse and make sense of the vast amounts of data that can be generated but most importantly how to secure the data and manage the potential impacts it will have on them.

Kalinda IT has partnered with Avotus to deliver the next wave of service management across the emerging service world. The coming together of these two  business will deliver a truly comprehensive insight into all layers of assets and services that are running across the OT and IOT networks of our customers.

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