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Rates and tariffs constitute an important part of the telemanagement strategy of any enterprise as they allow enterprises to thoroughly comprehend the specifics of their telecom usage and, thereby, enable them to better assign, track, and control their communication expenses.

To access Avotus’ Rates and Tariffs resource, please login at the following link: Avotus ICM, Avotus EUR, Avotus Pro, InteleControl, Nortel CS1000 Telephony Manager

If you are an Intelecontrol Customer, please contact customer support at 1-800-840-2580 (toll free for US/Canada) and 1-905-890-5611 (for international callers). You can also drop an email at

For detailed information on downloading rates instructions, follow this link: How to download rates instructions

Benefits of Avotus Rates and Tariff

  • Monitor carrier expenses by ensuring that you are being charged the correct rates. This can be accomplished through comparisons between carrier bills and call-accounting software charges.
  • Identify calling patterns to allow you to negotiate best rates with confidence.
  • Know the destination locations of your employees’ calls. For security reasons, you need to be aware of any instances of unethical resource use.
  • Generate revenue for hotels, student residences, and professional offices.