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New Features & Software Updates


ReflectR Dashboards


If you’re using Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants we’ve just made the ReflectR dashboards a whole lot more intuitive and fun with the inclusion of thresholds which you can set to meet your unique SLA’s. Lets be honest who doesn’t love an emoji?


Amazon ConnectKIGALI IS COMING...

The Kigali suite of software has been built on AWS technologies and is delivered as a serverless solution from Amazon Marketplace. UC and the latest contact centre technologies have revolutionized working practices around the world bringing new ways of communicating, collaborating and increasing customer service levels. To make a success of this new way of working organizations need robust and adaptable reporting and management tools. Keep an eye on our social media for updates coming very soon!


ReflectRLive Stats for Microsoft Teams

If you are using Microsoft Teams including Call Queues and Auto Attendants ReflectR RT now supports live presence reporting and call stats!

What does this include?

  • Active calls monitor
  • Agents logged on monitor
  • Available agents monitor
  • Presence status displayed in a dashboard to which filters can be applied


Queues filtering on dashboardsReflectr

We have now queue filtering available on relevant monitors for Microsoft Teams presence.






October 2020

ReflectR V4.0 for Teams IS NOW LIVE! See some of the features below.


ReflectR uses the Call Detail Graph API for Teams along with web hook technology to import the CDRs into its SQL database. This ensures that there are no performance issues seen with larger organizations attempting to use native Teams reporting (Admin portal and CQD).



The overview presents total calls, answered calls, missed calls, answered %, average call duration, and average queue time. Details on each agent within the queue are displayed, listing Call volume, Total Duration, Average Duration, and Average Ring Time.



Organizations using UC platforms from multiple vendors use ReflectR as a single, centralized reporting tool to monitor activity across multiple platforms. For example, an organization that is migrating to Teams from Skype for Business or Cisco can see in a single view the volumes of traffic over a defined date range across all UC platforms.

To view the full release note PDF, please click here



Filters on Response Groups (Auto Attendants) and Queues

ReflectRA small added feature is ReflectR now has separate filters now on all relevant monitors for Response Groups (Auto Attendants) and Queues.





ReflectRThe callback feature increases the functionality for Teams Queues and Auto Attendant reporting. The Callbacks monitor displays the number of calls missed by a queue or Auto Attendant and the corresponding number of callbacks that have been made to the unanswered callers. Drill through presents the call details, and if necessary, return calls can be made, increasing customer service levels.




Room System Reporting

ReflectRWith the move of staff back to offices around the world, use of Room Systems as a collaboration tool is on the increase. ReflectR can now view room systems usage (Average duration per day, per room system, and total duration of room systems) with the ability to filter on date range, room, end point, and location. This ensures the investment in Teams Room Systems is delivering the expected benefits and justifying the investment.




Dashboard - Trends

ReflectRThe dashboards can now show trends over a user-defined date range in addition to the single-day view. This allows for analysis and management of productivity, user adoption, call quality, and costs over time, leading to a more effective deployment of Unified Communications.