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  • Gain Visibility Into Employee UC Utilization and Behavior - Avotus EUR for Avaya’s tracking and exception reporting across Unified Communications features detects abuse and ensures compliance with corporate guidelines and regulatory requirements. This allows communication managers to gain unprecedented visibility into the full suite of Unified Communications features, including: Instant Messaging, Voice, Wireless and Video conferencing with one unified tracking and reporting platform.
  • Multi-site multi-vendor single web based portal for managing all CDR reports, including mobile carrier based data.

Avaya Red

  • Seamless Directory Synchronization Capability – EUR solution has the ability to configure and connect to Avaya Red phone systems using the Avaya AES web services. With this new ability, administrators can connect to pull directory related information from PBX using Avaya AES services. This allows for updated data to be synced with the platform more seamlessly.
  • Capabilities to Consume and Parse Data – Avotus has developed unique capabilities to consume and parse data from different Avaya products. These capabilities include the Avotus GenIP solution that collects call records from Avaya Red PBX (classic Avaya) in a buffer-less environment and the Avotus Directory Sync solution that synchronizes with the directory of Avaya Red PBX.

Avaya Blue

  • Advanced Nortel CS1000 Traffic and Inventory Reporting Capabilities – EUR comes with reporting applications that are used to provide PBX trunk usage, configuration and inventory information. With CS1000 Traffic you can quickly monitor network performance and efficiency, quickly generate detail and summary inventory reports, listing cards and sets installed on the CS1000. EUR provides 30+ reports that help reduce administration time and improves inventory accuracy. CS1000 downloads for inventory is required in order to sync up assets and inventory reports as required by customers leveraging the feature of CS1000 reports.
  • Nortel CS1000 CPND Name Retrieval Capability - EUR has the capability to retrieve name information automatically from each set and populate directories without costly, time-consuming data entry. One way updates can provide entity information to EUR Directory module without risk to phone system.


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