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One of the basic truths of modern IT is that you can't manage what you can't see. Gaining clear insight into where your communications dollars really go is a constant challenge. Endless technology advancement, increasing number of mobile users and complexity of organizations conspire to make the real cost of providing service to your users difficult to discern, much less control.

Avotus ICM EUR Voice (Intelligent Communications Management Enhanced Usage Reporting) is a solution of Avotus for Call Accounting and more, which is designed to capture both legacy and modern usage data produced in a telecom environment.

New and improved, Avotus ICM EUR Voice is an advanced Call Accounting tool that delivers organized, comprehensive and detailed reporting about your company’s wireline, mobility, VOIP and legacy communications platforms.

With Avotus ICM EUR Voice, you can:

  • Instantly review traffic and call-quality statistics.
  • Easily manage a growing fleet of mobile and BYOD devices.
  • Provide complete compliance reporting.
  • Organize Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting for easier look-ups and cost allocation.
  • Accurately predict business costs.
  • Strengthen corporate telecom security.

Deploy Avotus ICM EUR Voice either On-Premises or via our Cloud, and you’ll quickly understand why it’s our best-selling product.


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