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Today’s business environment demands a Unified Communications (UC) Management solution beyond simple call accounting software. A complete view of usage by specific locations and departments enables the allocation of costs, formation of plans for additional new technologies and identification of system misuse or abuse. Avotus EUR integrates, tracks and reports on usage for UC services. UC deployments are expanding rapidly, yet many organizations may not be aware of –potential security and abuse exposures inherent in these deployments. For over 30 years, Avotus has been providing visibility, data management and savings for voice networks. It was a natural extension to lead the field in developing Enhanced Usage Reporting for UC (EUR for UC). Now clients can confidently use their preferred UC platform, in concert with EUR, mitigating these risks and protecting their communications environment.

Providing comprehensive, real-time Call Detail Record (CDR) tracking and call accounting, EUR allows communication managers to gain unprecedented visibility into the full suite of UC features including: Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice, Wireless, and Video Conferencing with one unified tracking and reporting platform

Benefits include:
  • Request for DemoTracking and exception reporting across all UC features detects abuse and ensures compliance with corporate guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Multi-site and Multi-vendor integration provides full visibility via single portal
  • Enhanced visibility across wireline, wireless, VoIP, UC, SIP and TDM based links
  • Full asset-tracking module for traditional and non-traditional TEM assets
  • Organized Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting
  • Respond to litigation with accurate information about UC usage
  • Consolidated billing reports
  • Automated reports in a variety of formats via email
  • Bill back - usage charges to departments, cost codes or employees
The concept of Enhanced Usage Reporting

Avotus was among the early developers of call accounting solutions. Activity details of mobile and wireless phones, calling cards, pagers, etc. contribute to call detail information that did not originate in your PBX. VoIP and converged communication provide additional information in their IP-based call detail records (IPDR) that require collection and analysis. Traditional call accounting systems could not provide you with the level of information required to understand what exactly is happening in this new communications environment.

As Avotus believed that the term call accounting did not adequately describe all the new requirements of call accounting solutions, it coined the term “Usage Management” several years ago—a phrase that has been accepted on an industry-wide basis. Avotus has now adopted the phrase Enhanced Usage Reporting as a way to even better describe the services it offers.

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