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Skype for BusinessAvotus’ Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) is an award-winning tool that helps enterprises understand, organize and track communications spend across Unified Communications (UC) assets including: wireless, wireline, VoIP & legacy platforms.

EUR for Skype for Business allows for unlimited data retention, the ability to create extensive high-level reports and the means to gain unprecedented visibility into the full suite of UC features, including CDR, presence, instant messaging, voice, audio conferencing, wireless usage and video conferencing – all within a single tracking and reporting platform.

Your Challenges

  • Visibility – The need for complete call detail information and comprehensive visibility into all UC investments, including adoption rate, misuse and abuse
  • Tracking – The need to track how much time employees are spending on all UC communications applications to support customers and report on employee performance statistics
  • Movement to modernization and digitization – Transitioning to new technology – Unified Communications, VoIP/SIP
  • Security risks - Unified Communications – business continuity isn’t without risk
  • Inventory – What’s there? Where is it? Does it work? Is it worth the money?
  • Compliance Risks – HIPAA/Sarbanes Oxley/Dodd-Frank Act and more
  • Management – Large complex networks and IT/Telecom assets

Avotus EUR for Skype for Business is the solution!

On-premise Skype for Business platforms benefit from Avotus EUR for Skype for Business. Avotus delivers unmatched visibility into your corporate communications, improving overall UC asset visibility, reporting, monitoring and security across your wireline, wireless, VoIP and legacy platforms.

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