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Monitoring and management of multiple DID ranges with a single pane
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Management and reporting for your DID ranges

ReflectR RM (Range Manager) helps you track and manage multiple DID and extension number ranges giving all the number management data you need in one place. No more managing ranges by spreadsheets as ReflectR RM gives a single point of management where adds / moves / changes can take place saving time and reducing the risk element.

Find out how ReflectR RM can help you save money,
increase productivity and grow customer satisfaction


Track and manage multiple DID ranges with ReflectR RM

  • UC&C platform independent
  • Quick and simple installation and configuration
  • Security policies allowing role based access
  • Support for PowerShell scripts such as ‘Find next available DID in range’
  • View of top 20 DID ranges by top % of range allocation
  • Graphical view of allocated DIDs
  • Created a new DID range
  • Allocate available DIDs
  • Identification of rogue (Allocated) DIDs
  • Auto-generation of ranges through combining sequential and unallocated DIDs
  • Automatic update of DID ranges through integration with Active Directory
  • Pro-active alerts when ranges get to a user defined % of capacity
  • Set threshold for time to hold a DID from the time it becomes available until it can be re-allocated
  • Reserve DIDs until a user defined date

Manage multiple DID ranges with ease

Single view

ReflectR RM shows side-by-side data for multiple ranges allowing for the efficient management from a central location

Rogue DIDs

Identify DIDs that have been used but are not allocated to specific range.


Following the import of an organizations DIDs ReflectR RM can group sequential DIDs into an auto-generated range reducing the time and risk element of doing this manually

Reduced costs

Unused DIDs can be identified and where relevant cancelled ensuring DID costs are managed efficiently

Pro-active management

The alarm feature of ReflectR RM allows for notification via email when a range is reaching capacity. This delivers contingency for staff starting and a DID being available.

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