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As a larger share of telecom spend has shifted to wireless assets, and programs like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have become prevalent, Avotus has responded with a suite of ICM Wireless services to assist clients in managing, tracking and securing wireless assets. The portfolio includes usage management, asset tracking, contract optimization, sourcing and wireless help desk. Wireless management and mobile device management are also key features. Easy-to-use portals allow clients to gain visibility, submit requests and monitor the process. Avotus Wireless solutions integrate with Telecom Expense Management, Enhanced Usage Reporting and Intelli-Sourcing platforms for complete visibility.

Risk Free Engagement

ICM delivers our “Cleanse it – Buy it Smart – Keep it Clean” philosophy, which is the optimal way to manage telecom and technology investments.

Enterprises struggle to keep telecom budgets reasonable, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of service and updated infrastructure. Doing so effectively means examining the overall need and spend, and uncovering areas for potential opportunity and savings. Avotus serves as a valuable partner by enhancing these efforts with our unique software and passionate subject matter experts.

Avotus makes this process easy and affordable. Our ICM suite of services is designed to save you money and create an immediate positive return on investment. Our proprietary technology uncovers opportunities, provides pricing transparency and optimizes network performance on an ongoing basis. This unprecedented level of automation, control and transparency is key to realizing long-term cost savings, while empowering enterprise clients in their interactions with large carriers.

What’s more, the savings realized through implementing just one of Avotus’ services ultimately is designed to fund the next engagement. This step-wise process ensures that our ICM suite maximizes savings while meeting internal budgets.

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