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Wireless Management

As a larger share of telecom spend has shifted to wireless assets, and programs like Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) & Work from Home (WFH) have become more prevalent, Avotus has responded with a suite of ICM Wireless services to assist clients in managing, tracking and securing wireless assets. The portfolio includes asset tracking, sourcing, optimization, and wireless helpdesk. Wireless management and mobile device management are also key features. Easy-to-use portal Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) allows clients to gain visibility, submit requests, and monitor the process and progress. Avotus Wireless solutions integrate with Telecom Expense Management platform for complete visibility. All this is done ensuring the compliance of corporate IT policy of the organization.

Mobile Lifecycle Management

Avotus easy-to-use Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) is a self-service web portal that helps to streamline the on-going management of your organization's wireless usage. Controlling, ordering, and accurately inventorying wireless devices will be easier than ever.

Wireless helpdesk

Avotus ICM Wireless Helpdesk provides a fully outsourced, single point of contact for enterprises' wireless communication management needs. As part of this service, our team of skilled professionals respond to employee inquiries and manage wireless Move, Add, Change (MAC) requests and repairs and works with telecom vendors.

In the case of orders that involve the procurement of new wireless communications equipment or services, our team interfaces with the third-party vendors of the enterprise on its behalf. To ensure satisfactory completion of the order, our team remains in constant contact with the enterprise's vendors throughout the order process.

Optimization Services (Rate Plan Optimization)

Optimization solutions are designed to prepare a comprehensive inventory based on bills and contracts to ascertain technical requisites and expense control objectives. Avotus provides enterprises with wireless optimization solutions to streamline their wireless spend with striking results. ICM Rate Plan Optimization provides a way to deal with the complex, convoluted, and constantly changing wireless plans within organizations. Optimization reduces expensive “overage” minutes and reduces the instances where a company pays for plans that contain more minutes than that used by subscribers.

Rate Plan OptimizationBenefits of RPO

  • No loss in end-user functionality
  • No need to switch carriers
  • Effective management of individual and pooled plans
  • Review, approval, and implementation of recommendations
  • A complete package of dashboards and reports to readily identify opportunities for savings  

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